At a time when jobs dominate the public agenda, America’s biopharmaceutical companies are fueling a vibrant economic engine.  The industry directly supports more than 650,000 high-quality jobs across a range of professions and skill levels.  Each of those jobs creates an additional 3.7 jobs in other sectors, totaling more than 3.1 million jobs across the economy.  The US biopharmaceutical sector is one of the few industries projected to show export growth over the next five years resulting in millions of good jobs, increased production and wages. [1]

The pharmaceutical industry is experiencing a period of rapid change due to health care reform, government regulation, managed care and generic competition; however the job market remains robust. The entry of smaller innovative pharmaceutical companies entering the marketplace and big pharmaceutical companies losing blockbuster products requires continuous quality improvement and readjustment of market strategy.  In this environment, getting a pharmaceutical sales job has become increasingly competitive, but for top performers motivated by a challenge, pharmaceutical sales will continue to offer excellent job opportunities.

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By:  The MDJ Team

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Posted by: Jon Edward on: 26 Jan 2013