“The United States has the largest healthcare services market in the world, representing a significant portion of the US economy.  The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that growth in the industry will yield 3.2 million new jobs between 2008 and 2018.  Jobs in home healthcare services and diagnostic laboratories are expected to grow at the fastest pace, up to 40% over the next 10 years.”

The tough economy has increased competition for Healthcare Sales Jobs including: Medical Device Sales, Dental Sales, Pharmaceutical Sales, and Surgical Sales etc.  The interview process is intense and Job Seekers have to stand out amongst their peers in order to gain employment. medical dream job will help provide Job Seekers opportunities to practice their interviewing skills through Interview Roulette.  Interviewing is a skill that must be honed to achieve success and our video chat will allow users to do this.  Job Seekers will also have the opportunity to utilize our Best Practice Board to pick up tips on the interview process.

There are a large number of Recruiters and Employers in the Healthcare Industry who are searching for candidates with the right qualifications for healthcare sales jobs. Medical dream job is leading the way through technology innovation to help match Job Seekers with employment opportunities and to match Recruiters with the right Sales Professionals for all positions from entry level sales jobs to executive management positions.  Knowing that the future job growth also exists in emerging markets, medical dream job has the capability of linking candidates and recruiters in all regions of the globe.    Sign up today and let your journey begin!

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Posted by: Jon Edward on: 26 Jan 2013