, The best Job Board for Medical and Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs!

Are you tired of paying too much for Job Boards with minimum results?  Looking for work and finding the right Job Seeker is expensive and cumbersome in the Healthcare Sales industry.  Medical Dream Job designed and programmed a useful solution for YOU!

1. designed a Job Board that is intuitive and simple to use.  Our attention to detail saves our users time.

2. We designed a Job Board that is Free to use for Recruiters, Employers and Job Seekers.  Our mission of serving our users saves you Money!

3. has a rolodex of 10,000 plus Jobs in the niche market of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sales.  Our Job Board is a one stop shop for Healthcare Sales Professionals.

4. Our Jobs are updated every 24 hours and jobs are only on our Job Board for 30 days.  This ensures that

Posted by: Jon Edward on: 01 Nov 2014 designed a Resume Blaster for Medical and Pharmaceutical Sales professionals which works!

What you get with the Medical Dream Job Resume Blaster?

1.     Medical Dream Job is a cloud based resume distribution service. Your resume is stored in the MedicalDreamJob cloud for 30 days. After 30 days your information is deleted.  This ensures the most current job hunters on the market in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Sales industries.

2.     Your Resume is distributed every Tuesday at 2pm to 1200 Recruiters and Employers in Medical/Pharmaceutical Sales industry. Recruiters and Employers are emailed the current list of job hunters once a week.  Weekly email helps cut down on spam blockages.

3.     Every recruiter who posts a job on Medical Dream Job is automatically enrolled in the Resume Distribution Service. This allows for new Recruiters and Employers to enter the distribution list.

Our team has thoughtfully designed and programmed the best service available for our users.  Sign

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Medical Dream Job, a company on a mission!

Helping Sales and Management professionals find employment is our passion.

We connect Medical Sales Professionals with Recruiters and Employers in the most efficient and intuitive way possible.
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How do you maintain a good attitude when faced with unemployment?

When hunting for your new job, it is imperative you maintain a positive attitude. Even though unemployment makes for difficult circumstances, you still have control of one thing: your attitude.  As all good sales people know, you won’t make the sale if you don’t have the right attitude. The same goes for interviewing.  Being positive and uplifting will help you land your next job because all bosses admire that can-do attitude.

Easier said than done, right? How do you keep your frame of mind on the right track? Manage your stress.

You will experience a lot of stress when you loose employment.  Finances may be tight.  Relationships may be strained. The hardest thing about being out of work is the unknown. You may not know what your next job may be or when it will come.  You may not even know when the next phone call screen

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Medical Dream Job, LLC Launches New Site To Help Healthcare Sales Reps Find Employment

Medical Dream Job, LLC proudly announces the launch of our new website! It is designed to help you find employment in the sales and management divisions of the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical industries.

There are three key features that make our website unique:

Posted by: Jon Edward on: 22 Sep 2014

Medical Dream Job Video Chat

The MedicalDreamJob Live Chat is a community-based forum where Medical Employers, Medical Recruiters and Job Seekers can remotely communicate in real time. Members are using Live Chat to conduct and participate in mock interviews. The ability to practice asking and responding to interview questions helps job seekers as well as employers and recruiters refine and develop their interview skills. Live Chat is also used by job seekers, recruiters and employers to conduct real interviews, saving all parties involved time and resources.

  • Practice conducting interviews
  • Practice being interviewed
  • Manage
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Medical Dream Job

Medical Dream Job, LLC is a web based portal designed for the community of Sales Professionals, Recruiters and Employers in healthcare. There are three key features that make our website unique:

1.  Job Board. An exhaustive employment catalog for sales professionals in the medical field.

2.  Resume Distribution. A highly effective process where sales professionals quickly build their pipeline of opportunities with recruiters and employers.

3.  Video Chat. Live video conferencing technology enabling members to conduct both mock and actual interviews remotely.

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Medical Dream Job, LLC Launches New Site To Help Healthcare Professionals Find Employment

Medical Dream Job, LLC proudly announces the launch of their new website designed to help those in the sales and management divisions of the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical industries find employment.

DURHAM, NC (January 28, 2014) - Medical Dream Job, LLC announces the launch of their website designed to help those in the healthcare field who work specifically in medical sales, pharmaceutical sales and medical device sales secure substantial positions in the workforce. The brainchild of Jonathan Edward, the company’s founder and CEO, the site was quite literally his dream for seven years before the launch. Edward said of the aptly named, “When I worked in pharmaceutical sales I struggled through six layoffs in seven years. While that might sound extensive to some, industry insiders know that isn’t unusual.” Edward

Posted by: Jon Edward on: 11 Jan 2014

Recruiters and Employers; Why should you use Medical Dream Job?

1. Medical Dream Job is FREE for you to use! Are you tired of other websites such as Medreps taking your money during a tough economy? Medical Dream Job believes in an open source community for all Medical, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Device recruiters and employers.

2. We are an ethical company that believes in the highest standards of privacy and quality. Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions agreements located at the bottom of our website.  Because we believe in ethics and quality, we will be your trusted web based source.

3. You can advertise your business’ logo on our homepage. Please contact us under Advertising , if you are interested.  This service displays and promotes your business.

4. We are integrated with LinkedIn, which provides for a better user experience. This ensures the professionalism of our users and eliminates counterfeits saving you

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How do you land a Medical Sales Job or a Pharmaceutical Sales Job?

1. You must have sales experience .  First and foremost, begin your career in sales by succeeding in an entry level sales position. Once you have a record of success, you will have a higher chance of landing a spot in Heathcare Sales.

2. Keep a documented record of success .  Compile your sales stats, awards, positive feedback from co-workers, etc, into a living document. You want to be able to tell your story through your brag book on how you are a winner and how you will continue to win with your next sales job.

3. Create an awesome Resume and Cover letter .  Do not rush this.  Make sure you have a trusted advisor review, spell check and correct your grammar.  Hiring managers and recruiters will disregard your resume if it is not perfect.

4. Build your Network and apply to many jobs. Use employment websites

Posted by: Jon Edward on: 09 Aug 2013

Medical Sales Representatives: Be prepared for the Interview

Preparing for an interview is tough work but is a crucial aspect of finding work. Medical Dream Job, LLC has provided you with a list of possible questions to help aid you in this preparation.

Below are the top Sales interview Questions, in no particular order:

1. Please walk me through your resume from college to present day.

MDJ Advice: Be ready to sell yourself and your accomplishments. The hiring manager will be looking for salesmanship and any gaps in your employment history. Be prepared to have answers ready for inconsistencies in your resume.

2. Situational-Based Interviewing:

a. Tell me about a time you failed?

b. Tell me about a time you succeeded?

c. Tell me about a time Teamwork was a challenge?

d. Tell me about a time you were challenged

Posted by: Jon Edward on: 21 May 2013