Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I pay for Medical Dream Job services?

You can pay by a credit card through Paypal. Paypal accepts Visa, Master card, American Express and Discover.

Q2. How does Medical Dream Job Stand out from other employment websites?

Medical Dream Job is an interactive website that connects Job Seekers with Recruiters and Employers specific to Sales and Management Opportunities in the Medical, Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries. Please read the About Us tab, which details how users can utilize the Job Board, the Employment Best Practice Board, Expertise Talks, Resume Dispenser and Interview-Roulette.

Q3. Who owns is owned and operated by Medical Dream Job, LLC.

Q4. How Do I contact Medical Dream Job, LLC?

You can contact us by clicking on our Contact Us tab on the website either by email or by mail at,

Medical Dream Job, LLC

PO Box 116
Pittsboro, NC 27312

Q5. How much does it cost to be a subscriber to Medical Dream Job?

For a limited time offer, the Subscription Service for Job Seekers, Recruiters, and Employers is free.

The Resume Dispenser for Job Seekers is a one-time service fee of $29.99 to email your resume to Recruiters and Employers in our data-base.

Recruiters/Employers can post their logo on our homepage for $75.00 with a link to their website for six months.

Q6. Is there a lag time to view, post and/or apply for employment opportunities?

No, Medical Dream Job is a real time operation. As a subscriber you have instant access to our website to view, post and apply for employment opportunities.

Q7. Can I post jobs as an Employer/Recruiter that do not exist, utilize the Job Board for advertising or spam?

No. Please Read the Terms and Conditions. Posting Jobs is for real employment opportunities. Violators may be subject up to a $50 fine and/or termination of service.

Q8. How many jobs can I post as a Recruiter/Employer?

You can post as many real employment opportunities as you want with your subscription service. The amount of time you have with your subscription service depends on the package you select.

Q9. How long do jobs stay posted on the Job Board?

Jobs stay posted on the Job Board for 30 days. You can renew employment opportunities within your subscription service.

Q10. Is the Resume Distribution service refundable?

Purchases of the resume distribution are final and not refundable. Delivery of one's resume, following the purchase of the service, is guaranteed as per the service's description. Beyond the fulfillment of these services, Medical Dream Job does not guarantee employment, nor does it guarantee contact from an employer or recruiter. If a customer of the resume distribution does not get the results he or she expected, he or she is encouraged to consult our exports on staff that can provide additional for-fee services in the assistance and consultation of resume and cover letter writing, interview skills and other related techniques to improve the chances of a successful job search. Members interested in these services are encouraged to contact us with a brief explanation of the requested assistance.